Technical Communication

Chapter 1 Dobrin mindmap

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Technical Communication by Mind Map: Technical Communication

1. email, memos, letter, job search, websites, instructions, manuals, proposals, presentations, reports...

2. ethical

3. writer must be "neutral" and unbiased with his point of view and considerate of target audience, present info from user's viewpoint

4. interviews, consider the where and how to obtain info.

4.1. New node

5. Professional

5.1. detailed

5.1.1. it is carefully researched info

5.2. complex

5.2.1. based on facts, high use of visuals, highly organized, follows a process or guide PSA

6. It is not creative writing but a problem solving type of writing--workplace and rhetorical

6.1. Check out

6.2. varied in document genres

7. Audience centered

7.1. audience has a need for info, writer must address that need specifically

8. Is practical and simplifies complex info or explanations to something easy to use


8.1.1. writer must have a ton of understanding of subject

9. plan, research, draft, review---tons of editing and preparation/drafting until finished product is distributed


9.2. Collaborative writing, involves many departments in a professional environment

10. Rhetorical

11. based on facts

11.1. clear and focused meanings

11.2. unambiguous language use

11.2.1. saying more with less words,--- as in Analyze this Fig 1.1

12. Design Centered

13. visual