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GEN 111(Inter) by Mind Map: GEN 111(Inter)
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GEN 111(Inter)

Week 1 Introduction to GEN 111

Aim and objectives



Week 2 Belief System

Reigious and Legal Taboos in History

Example of weird punishment and rules

Right and Wrong - different viewpoints

What is the best answer to the question why should I be a good person?

Mutual Fear: Analysis of the following concept - Give example, The concept of Heaven and Hell, The condemned, Crime and Punishment

Week 3 Difference between Moral Laws and Society Laws


individualist ethics is derivative


Society is merely a convenient arrangement which must be subservient to the goal and ambition of individual

Q: Does anyone have right to tell anyone else

Importance of Ethic on Society

Week 4 Human nature: Is everyone capable of being good better than other

Moral Chaos

Obedience and Thinking

Belief and reason

Equality and Class

False consciousness

Symbolic animal - human as a prestige

The Assumption




Week 5 Definition of Ethics

Is ethics a special kind of knowledge

How can we get hold of the knowledge

Faith and belief:

Week 6 Moral Value

Moral value



Week 7 Moral being





Freedom of thinking

Q: Are there a good way of teaching children to behave morally?

Week 8 Environmental Ethics

Week 9 Freedom and Duty


Human Right

Week 10 Right and Responsibility

Week 11 Life and its ending

Week 12 violation of Personal Relationship

Week 13 Violation of Ownership

Week 14 Lies and White lies

Week 15 Social Security: Do not put other into fear