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Creative Marketing for Events by Mind Map: Creative Marketing for Events
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Creative Marketing for Events

Creative content

Scribbled animations

Rich media


Graphic recording

Curated content

Events agency

Brooklyn Beta is an annual gathering of some of the friendliest folks on the Web. Join us for three days of fun away from your computer.

Find your Groove: Web in Travel Singapore

Into the Wild: Re-Publica Berlin 2014

Creative use of marketing channels

Event website

Email marketing

Social channels

Public relations

Viral marketing

Print/PDF brochures

Print ads

Media cooperations

Creative design

Creative sponsorships

Always good sources to find inspiration for sponsorships

Online-mindmap for the session "Creative marketing, design and promotion" at Who stole my audience?, London, 25 April 2014. Attendees are invited to share their examples of outstanding marketing and promotion campaigns for trade shows, conferences and events here. Simply click on Edit/Bearbeiten to add or modify content.