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Weather- Kindergarten by Mind Map: Weather- Kindergarten
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Weather- Kindergarten


Graph the weather each day for one week (or one month)

Temperature (predictions and measuring the real recordings)

Measure partcipitation (rain)


Weather Forcasting

5 senses and weather (identify sight, hearing, touch, listening, taste with different waether scenarios)

The Water Cyle

Weather videos from Discovery Streaming


Social Studies

Jobs-People in society-Have a weather man come into the classroom

Language Arts (reading & writing)

Read different Weather books from the library

Write a weather forcast and present it to classmates (use toilet paper rolls and tinfoil balls as microphones)

"Weather Notebooks" students document their observations in a science notebook

"What is the weather like today?" journal entries

Ceative Arts

Create a sunny day, rainy day, cloudy day, snowy day, etc. using cotton balls and markers

Use water colors to create a stormy day, sunny day, windy day, etc.

Weather Song- "What's the weather like today? Like today? Like today? What's the weather like today? It is _____" Song is sung to "London Bridge is Falling Down"

Physical Education/Movement

Act out different wind strengths

walk around classrom in different "weather speeds"