Independent Learning Cyle

What does an independent learning cycle look like? What steps would I want to coach jr. learners through so that they can be come self-sufficient learners and competent producers of re-packaged knowledge, which can be passed on...

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Independent Learning Cyle by Mind Map: Independent Learning Cyle

1. Question/Problem

1.1. What is my pressing question or research problem?

1.2. Why do I care about this question or solving this problem?

1.3. Who else cares about this question or solving this problem?

1.4. What is the potential "cost" to myself and/or others (the world) if this problem is not solved?

1.5. What is the potential contribution to myself and/or others if headway is made toward solving this problem?

2. Resources

2.1. What resources could I use to work on this problem and/or present my findings?

2.2. Software

2.3. Hardware

2.4. Web Tools

2.5. Social Networks

2.6. Community Members

2.7. Printed Materials

2.8. Learning Consultant (Teacher)

2.9. Mentor

2.10. Fellow Learners

2.11. People who have asked this question or worked on this problem before

2.12. Cool projects I could emulate or follow after

2.13. Libraries/Archives/Museums

2.14. Money

2.15. Physical Space

2.16. Time

2.17. My previous knowledge/experiences

2.18. Partners

2.19. Groups

3. Communication

3.1. Web

3.2. Print

3.3. Audio

3.4. Video

3.5. Other

3.6. Who is my audience?

3.7. Which medium or style would be most appropriate for my audience?

3.8. How might I communicate what I have learned or am learning?

4. Objectives/Evalation

4.1. What are my learning objectives and how will I evaluate my own success?

4.2. What new skills, habits, or personal characteristics might I improve or gain by working on this question?

4.3. What end project would I like to produce that would demonstrate "fluency"?

4.4. What end goal(s) would inspire me to learn?

4.5. Who will I report to at the end of this learning cycle or project?

4.6. What new questions does this learning cycle bring up?

5. Planning/Strategy

5.1. How much time will I need to work on this project?

5.2. Do I have a limit? What would I consider TOO much time? When would I call it quits and move on to another question?

5.3. How will I keep track of time spent?

5.4. How will I keep track of tasks accomplished?

5.5. Will I need to coordinate with other schedules?

5.6. Is there a budget? How will I manage money or other allocated resources?