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Chapter 2: Infrastructure Technology by Mind Map: Chapter 2: Infrastructure Technology
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Chapter 2: Infrastructure Technology

History of the web

Web: How we use the technology (Internet)

1945: Vannevar Bush- Memex

1960's: Ted Nelson - Hypertex

1987: Ted Nelson- Xanadu

1989: Tim Berners Lee: WWW

Father of the Web!

1993: Marc Andreesen- Mosaic

The first web browser

1994: Andreesen & Clark: Netscape

Upgrade from Mosaic

2004: Web 2.0

Facebook is a Web 2.0 application,  Mindmeister, Myspace  Web 1.0 application, reading off the web, passivly consuming content  Web 2.0 applications, consumming and producing

History of the Internet

Timeline of the development of the internet.

1960's: Dept of Defense

1969: ARPANet

1972: Email

1979: Usenet

1980s: NSF

U.S.A. based funded by the government.

1993L CBC Peter Mansbridge

Posts dramaticly increased. 

1995: Privatized

1974: TCP/IP

Web Languages



The style of the site.  Does not change HTML and the content

Scripting and programming

Web Software

Web Servers

any computer connected to the internet can be a webserver!  You have to beable to run one of these programs.   Linex

Web Clients

Network Technologies



rules and guidelines for sending things over the internet

Future of the Internet


Increase in bandwidth.  Instant downloads

Semantic Web

Search retreive link, from anything on the page. All about words, can get thesauruses, background information

Network Connectivity