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COLORS! PreK-K by Mind Map: COLORS! PreK-K

1. Math

1.1. A graphing activity the hair and eye color of our students and teachers.

2. Reading

2.1. Story and discussion regarding childrens literature on race and culture.

3. Writing

3.1. write a poem. teacher modeled, and guided on different colors. write a short story about something that can come in many different colors example: dogs, snakes, people, birds, houses.

4. Social Studies

4.1. lesson on the different hair, skin, and eye colors.

5. Science

5.1. Mixing colors to make new colors. this can be done many ways. We will use paint and also will use frosting.

6. Art

6.1. Mixing colors. make a painting with our mixed colors.

7. PE

7.1. Color relay; groups sepperated by color compete doing activities like;racing, bean bag toss. Color tag certian colors are it until one person is left.