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Online resilience by Mind Map: Online resilience

1. Dr. Tanya Byron

2. Three prong approach to improving child safety online

2.1. Reduce the avaliability of improper material

2.2. Restrict access to improper material

2.3. Increase the resiliance of children to harmful and inappropriate material online

3. Parents role in e-safety

3.1. Manage access the children have online

3.2. Setting up parent controlls

3.3. Clear prompts and explanations to educate parents on e-safety

3.4. Parents often underestimate the frequency that children come across potentially harmful or inappropriate material on the internet

4. Byron calls for all computers in the UK to be sold with standard parent controls

5. Recommendations

5.1. Better regulations - in the form of voluntary forms of practice that industry can sign up to

5.2. Better information in education

5.2.1. Government

5.2.2. Law enforcement

5.2.3. Schools

5.2.4. Children's services

6. Definition

6.1. Allowing children to form a 'think skin' to materials online that are inappropriate or harmful

7. Reforming the classification system for video games

7.1. Games industry

7.2. Retailers

7.3. Advertisers

7.4. Manufacturers

7.5. Online gaming providers

7.6. Parents

8. Children

8.1. Many children who have high internet skill levels and have great confidence in using the internet had insufficient awareness to be safe online

9. The Byron Review

9.1. The government commissioned a review of the risks children faced from exposure to harmful or inappropriate material on the internet or in video games.

9.2. Published on the 27th March 2008