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Magnetic Web by Mind Map: Magnetic Web

1. 1) Project Brief

1.1. Key direction: create a website that let to his visitors to learn how to make their website magnetic and attract interested target

1.1.1. Targeted for people that already have a website with no traffic and want to attract interested traffic

1.1.2. Targeted for people that already spent some money to promote their traffic with Seo agencies with scanty results

1.1.3. Targeted for people that already spent some money to promote their traffic with self made Adwords campaigns with scanty results

1.2. Question where are you going

1.2.1. Build a community of future people that want to know how to have interested target on their websites (magnetic web sites) without black hat

1.2.2. Have a lot of case histories of successful magnetic websites analyzed with video

1.2.3. Be a reference point in italy for people that want interested traffic on their webistes

2. 2) Keyword research Analysis

2.1. My ideas: aumentare traffico sito visibilità online promozione siti internet

2.2. Inner circle contacts and customers: webmarketing promozione siti internet posizionamento sui motori di ricerca

2.3. Google Insight: promozione siti web promozione siti internet posizionamento siti web advertising online

2.4. Google AdWords Data: aumentare traffico web aumentare traffico sito promozione siti promozione siti web promozione sito web promozione siti Internet promozione sito Internet visibilità online pubblicità web advertising online internet advertising online online video advertising

3. 3) Site definition and architecture

3.1. Topics

3.1.1. Creare contenuti magnetici

3.1.2. Attrarre visitatori attraverso i motori di ricerca

3.1.3. Attrarre visitatori attraverso i social network

3.1.4. Attrarre i visitatori ottenendo popolarità online

3.1.5. Attrarre i visitatori pagando

3.1.6. Mantenere attaccati i visitatori

3.2. Type of online destination

3.2.1. Podcasting: video guides and tricks

3.2.2. Blog: guides and news

3.2.3. Community: forum and help

3.2.4. Service: educational dvd, educational online courses, web live clinic, private consulting