Dr. Seuss Unit for Kindergarten (March 2nd, 2010) Kimberly Long

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Dr. Seuss Unit for Kindergarten (March 2nd, 2010) Kimberly Long by Mind Map: Dr. Seuss Unit for Kindergarten (March 2nd, 2010)    Kimberly Long

1. Reading

1.1. The Cat in the Hat Erase-a-Rhyme

1.2. Opposites

1.3. Teach the rhyming song and brain-storm words with the -at sound

1.4. Play 'I Have, Who Has" and do whole group ABC sequencing

2. Writing

2.1. Shared Writing using writing prompts

2.1.1. "Left Foot, Right Foot"

2.1.2. "I would eat green eggs and ham but I would not eat and ."

2.1.3. Cat in the Hat Word Search

2.1.4. After eating Green Eggs and Ham do a writing response

3. Social Studies

3.1. Read the Biography of Dr. Seuss

3.2. Complete the Dr. Seuss search

3.3. Voting on favorite book and/or character

3.4. Oh the Places You'll Go

4. Math

4.1. How many fish do you have? (addition with goldfish crackers)

4.2. Dr. Seuss addition (worksheet)

4.3. Greater and less than

4.4. Who eats Eggs? (graphing)

4.5. Plant the Truffula trees

4.6. Two Feet, Four Feet, More Feet (skip counting)

5. Art

5.1. Cat in the Hat hats

5.2. Decorate a Sneetch

5.3. Four Feet, More Feet

6. Music

6.1. Dr. Seuss on the Loose

6.2. Listen to the cd from The Grinch, The Cat in the Hat, and Horton Hears a Who movie

7. Science

7.1. *All About Eggs

7.2. *Go Green

7.3. *Make Oobleck

8. PE and Movement

8.1. Cat in the Hat dancing

8.2. Dress like a Seuss character

8.3. Top that Hop

9. Teacher Read Alouds (Just a few examples)

9.1. *Cat in the Hat

9.2. Scambled Eggs Super!

9.3. Bartholomew and the Oobleck

9.4. The Sneetches

9.5. Oh, the Thinks You Can Think

10. Student Reading

10.1. Copy the Words from a mini book on chart paper. Read aloud and introduce it to children. Recite during calendar time and whole group reading. Then, color book and bring home to read.

11. Mini-Lessons and Extensions

11.1. Cat in the Hat snack

11.2. Cook Green Eggs and Ham

11.3. Sprit Week: Top Hat Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Funny Food Friday, Fox in Socks Day, Great Day for Up PJ Day