surrealist film

my a 2 film test revesion plan some hel pme if you know anything bout film or , or surealism

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surrealist film by Mind Map: surrealist film

1. sprited away

1.1. dream like

1.2. child hood

1.3. believing in stuff

1.4. lost in another world

1.5. bizarre juxtapositions

1.5.1. thier are no rules to make the juxtaposition bizzare

2. blue velvet

2.1. dream like

2.2. lost in another world

2.3. bizarre juxtapositions

2.3.1. the lack of sound when the mustard man gets shot by the police in Dorothys flat

2.3.2. the ear in the woodland

3. phantom of liberty

3.1. non sensicle

3.2. absurd

3.3. dream like

3.4. lost in another world


3.6. bizarre juxtapositions

3.6.1. monks whatching the s and m

3.6.2. explosions noise coupled with the ostrich