short story idea

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short story idea by Mind Map: short story idea

1. Theme: Greed

1.1. Characters

1.1.1. wise man takes care of tree does not take advantage

1.1.2. greedy man finds the tree takes advantage

1.2. Plot

1.2.1. the tree of immortal life pipal fig tree

1.2.2. people swarm

1.2.3. kill each other for the tree

1.3. Setting

1.3.1. deep in a forest

1.3.2. india

1.4. Conflict

1.4.1. people to start to find out

1.4.2. too many visitors start fighting over tree people being killed

1.5. Conclusion

1.5.1. everyone dies

1.5.2. tree lives nourished by the dead visitors tree continues living people die b/c of greed