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Advice for a novice professor by Mind Map: Advice for a novice professor
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Advice for a novice professor

5. Know your students, anticipate their needs,

Ask them

Ask other professors

Have them send you their CV/interests

Look at the global reports on students

1. Take the introduction to course design and teaching class;

Try to get on to other teaching courses - keep learning!

"Advice to a new teacher" by Catharina Pramhill

7. Familiar with the state of the art teaching technology, Connected to the generation 3

4. Profound knowledge, be prepared before the class;

9. Good connection with the practical organization, field knowledge;

6. Communication skills,

Making students feel comfortable

2. Having a passion to teach, love to the students,

8. Publication to legitimize your position;

3. Work in a team, teamworking; networking;all stakeholders


Michael Morris?

10. Professionalism, not “marksism”

11. Be clear about the rules of the game, both with the students and the team

Assume authority

Take responsibility for making the class work

Don't let students chat with each other, sms, sleep all the time

12. Plan for slack: Enables you manage Eventualities

13. Get feedback from the students on your course - and please do something about it!

14. Start teaching with a tutor before you go solo

15. You do not have to know all the answers

16. Keep checking the information flow in class

"What did we do in last class"