the dream catcher

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the dream catcher by Mind Map: the dream catcher

1. the big of my story is when you do something good something good happens to you too.

2. modern

3. boy liked animals and played with them every day in the jungle. one day people come to teer down the jungle to make an building so boy starts a cam pane to stop them from treeing down the jungle the boy wins and animals give him 10 tons of gold

4. summery of the story

4.1. grandmom looks at spider every day working and she didn't kill it then one day boy comes in the boy sees the spider and tries to kill it then grand mother stops the boy, spider wants to thank grademother so the spider gives grandmother a dream catcher that makes you never see a bad dream!!

5. big idea

5.1. when you do something good something good happens to you too!!

6. evidents of the big idea

6.1. gradmom stops spider form being killed spider gives her a deam catcher

7. charecters

7.1. grandmom

7.1.1. good

7.1.2. happy

7.2. spider

7.2.1. nice

7.2.2. calm

8. place

8.1. jungel

9. place

9.1. house

10. charecters

10.1. percy

10.1.1. nice

10.1.2. likes animals

10.2. mayor

10.2.1. bad temper

10.2.2. doesn't like animals

11. big idea

12. evidents of the big idea

12.1. boy saves animals animals give him gold in retern

13. real story

14. problem

14.1. boy wants to kill spider

15. problem

15.1. mayor wants to teer down the jungle

16. minor character

16.1. boy

16.1.1. scared of spiders

17. minor charecters

17.1. animals

17.1.1. nice

17.1.2. worrid

17.2. mom

17.2.1. nice

17.3. dad

17.3.1. busy with work