about god 關於上帝

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about god 關於上帝 by Mind Map: about god 關於上帝

1. trancedance

1.1. being implies trancendance

1.2. above any description

1.3. cannot apply logical attributes

1.3.1. almighty

1.3.2. good

1.3.3. omnipotential

1.4. gives meaning to universe

1.4.1. point of reference

1.4.2. integrated explanation not contradicting with science

1.5. need for rituals

1.5.1. need for something higher

1.5.2. secular social riruals not enough tv idols olympic games flame birthdays Santa clause etc..

2. not something but SOMEBODY

2.1. universe seems not only existing but being loved

2.2. this SOMEBODY is not (only) power but should be in relation with me or us

2.2.1. love

2.2.2. freedom

2.3. you can talk to somebody not to something

3. it is better to accept the existence of god

3.1. if HE exists, has all the good things we describe

3.1.1. misused by different politicisns

3.2. if does not exist, nothing is lost

3.2.1. at least we created something better than us

3.2.2. better neaning of life

3.2.3. better image of life, not just fight to survive (darwin survival)

3.2.4. at least there is somebody to listen to me, god .

4. our expectations

4.1. conciousness

4.1.1. we define conciousness

4.1.2. we would like a higher counsiousness

4.2. unification

4.2.1. we see the separation of things

4.2.2. death separates

4.2.3. we feel a strong desire for ubity and inter-communication

4.3. love

4.3.1. unification without love is useless

4.3.2. unification with pluralism of love husband wife kids my pet other crearures all universe

4.3.3. loves equal but not same

4.4. creativity

4.4.1. not only for need need for art , beauty defferent for the need for food. people spend a lot for this

4.4.2. sees human being cannot be live without art

4.4.3. create new things or find new ways is very important to humans

4.5. overcome death

4.5.1. death=end of relationship

4.5.2. death=end of individuality

4.5.3. death =end of creativity

4.5.4. death=end of everything end of universe

4.6. knowledge

4.6.1. knowledge as POSSESSION as participation

4.6.2. search for meaning

4.6.3. difficulty to know

4.6.4. wrong perceptions , illutions

4.6.5. criterion for truth? a theory? a person?

5. totality and person 整體和個人

5.1. the many over the one

5.1.1. the one is abused

5.1.2. no feelings 沒有感覺 no meaning for love 沒有意義來愛 i feel pain 我感受到痛苦

5.1.3. no freedom 沒有自由 the many decide for me 很多不同的決策 i feel pain 我感受到痛苦

5.1.4. gradually the I (me) becomes this thing

5.1.5. the story of salt man and the sea he become all , but love his love totalitarian , no meaning of individuals

6. person vs. individual

6.1. person

6.1.1. exist in relation with others

6.1.2. exist FOR THE OTHER

6.1.3. exist BECAUSE OF THE OTHER i speak language because others speak i know myself because of others culture science i am born from others

6.1.4. impossible to exist ONLE ONE person, needs to relate

6.1.5. death=end of relationship

6.1.6. difficult to fulfill the person by human way almost impossible. constrains ONLY JESUS FULFILLED god is the way

6.2. individual

6.2.1. i exist because i am not you i protect my individuality selfish life

6.2.2. i am the point of reference to everything

7. all the above are integrated and fulfilled in the hypostasis of the God-man, Jesus Christ.

8. proofs for god?

8.1. no proofs

8.1.1. if proof then god is forced to be under our instruments and methods any time. no freedom

8.1.2. must behave the same way always

8.1.3. no trancendance

8.1.4. even me i can hide my existence by destroying evidence

8.2. indications

8.2.1. our strong desire for something higher

8.2.2. meaning to universe

8.2.3. desire for absolute - OTHERNESS

8.2.4. desire for holiness

8.2.5. are we images of somebody higher than us? Ephesians 3:14-15.... the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named, Zhuangzi are we dreaming or we are dreams? god is not projection of our wishes and ideas