Differentiated Instruction

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Differentiated Instruction by Mind Map: Differentiated Instruction

1. What do I know about my students’ interests (in school and out), motivators, and goals?

2. What type of learning environment will I provide for my students on a day to day basis?

3. What type of discipline will I use in the classroom in regards to differentiated instruction?

4. How might cultural, socio-economic, or family background influence my students' learning profiles?

5. How can I vary expectations and requirements for student responses?

6. How can I vary my teaching methods and learning activities in response to students’ learning profiles, so that all students are in their “comfort zone” at least some of the time?

7. What do I know about my students’ favored learning styles and/or intelligences?

8. What do I know about my students’ backgrounds, previous learning, and skill development?

9. How and when do I plan my curriculum for differentiated instruction?

10. How might I use varied grouping structures (ability, cross-ability, interest, learning profile, random) to facilitate both learning and positive social interaction?

11. Student Needs

12. Educator Research