Nature of approaches and methods in LT

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Nature of approaches and methods in LT by Mind Map: Nature of approaches and methods in LT

1. Approach

1.1. Theory of Language

1.2. It describes a subject to be taught

1.3. Types of Language

1.3.1. Structural View

1.3.2. Functional View

1.3.3. Interactional View

1.4. It is axiomatic

1.5. its a set of correlative assumptions dealing with the nature and circumstances.

2. Method

2.1. It presents several Materials

2.2. A method is related with approach, is determined by a design

2.3. Its implementational in a classroom

2.4. It is an overall plan for the orderly presentation of language material of the classroom determining both goals and procedures.

2.5. It is procedural

3. Technique

3.1. Classroom Procedures are described

3.2. It carries out an approach

3.3. It is implementational, taking place in the classroom

3.4. It is a particular trick, strategem, or contrivance used to accom- plish an immediate objective.

3.5. Techniques must be consistent witha method, and therefote in harmony with an approach as well.

4. Relationship between theory and practice within a method.

4.1. It takes into consideration how language is learn an dacquire

4.2. How language is represented and organized in memory

4.3. How language itself is structured