Language Teaching

Mindmap about some generalities in laguage teaching.

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Language Teaching by Mind Map: Language Teaching

1. Approach

1.1. It is a set of correaltive assumptions dealing with the nature of language teaching and learning. It is axiomatic and it's an account of the conditions that allow for succesful use of these processes.

1.2. Theory of Language

1.2.1. Structural

1.2.2. Functional

1.2.3. Interactional

1.3. Grammar-Translation Approach Direct Approach Reading Approach Audiolingual Method Community Language Learning The Silent Way Communicative Approach--Functional-Notional Total Physical Response

2. Method

2.1. Roles

2.1.1. Materials

2.1.2. Learner

2.1.3. Teacher

2.1.4. Types of activities

2.2. It has objectives

2.3. It has an organizational content

2.4. It contains a syllabus design

2.5. It joins practical and theoretical parts of an instruction.

2.6. It determines goals and procedures

2.7. It has the procedural content of a lesson

2.8. It is the final product - the theory applied to the practice.

3. Techniques

3.1. Procedural part of the language teaching.

3.1.1. Implemantion of the design

3.1.2. Classroom practice

3.1.3. Activities, behaviors