Mind Mapping

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Mind Mapping by Mind Map: Mind Mapping

1. what it is..

1.1. a diagram used for linking words and ideas to a central keyword or idea

1.2. synonymous to Effective note-taking which will assist us in becoming that much more efficient and effective in absorbing any desired information.

2. uses

2.1. visualization

2.2. classification

2.3. structurization

2.4. generating ideas

2.5. helps in

2.5.1. study

2.5.2. problem solving

2.5.3. decision making

2.6. learn and relearn FAST !

2.7. anything and everything that crosses your mind can be mind mapped

3. what it is and how it came about

3.1. Tony Buzan - originally developed 40 years ago

3.2. Mindmapping is also known as Radiant Thinking, a term also coined by Tony Buzan. The term Mind Map® is a registered trade mark of the Buzan organization

4. Information Processing

4.1. linear i.e. print and speech

4.1.1. one idea flowing after the other in a sequential fashion

4.2. non-linear - free information processing

4.2.1. minds function best, we set the rules

5. eliminates the risk of

5.1. extinction of information and boredom

6. Key properties

6.1. Dynamic

6.2. Productivity Enhancer

6.3. quick summary of information

6.4. quick to remember

6.5. easy to understand

6.6. saves time