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Mind Mapping by Mind Map: Mind Mapping
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Mind Mapping

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

what it is..

a diagram used for linking words and ideas to a central keyword or idea

synonymous to Effective note-taking which will assist us in becoming that much more efficient and effective in absorbing any desired information.





generating ideas

helps in

learn and relearn FAST !

anything and everything that crosses your mind can be mind mapped

what it is and how it came about

Tony Buzan - originally developed 40 years ago

Mindmapping is also known as Radiant Thinking, a term also coined by Tony Buzan. The term Mind MapĀ® is a registered trade mark of the Buzan organization

Information Processing

linear i.e. print and speech

non-linear - free information processing

eliminates the risk of

extinction of information and boredom

Key properties


Productivity Enhancer

quick summary of information

quick to remember

easy to understand

saves time