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Effective Blog Content by Mind Map: Effective Blog Content
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Effective Blog Content

You need great content because you need to hide your keywords behind something.

How-to's and tips

Point out myths about your industry/organization


- Stats/data lists- Tip lists- Comprehensive list

Relate how-to content to current event or person

Example: 5 lessons of [someone trending or in the news currently]

Use existing content

Share presentation slides on Slideshare and turn them into an infographic to share on your blog and then pin to Pinterest board

Share on

Opinion columns: Find a post you agree or disagree with and explain why.

Lists of best articles around the web for the week/day/month

Create a list of tips from around the web

Change existing content around

IE: Collect the top YouTube videos for a specific topic

1. Research


Case Studies

Ask question on Facebook


SurveyMonkey OR Google Forms OR Google Surveys

Act like a journalist




Trend stories

Feature stories that will interest your buyer personas

Utilize influencers

Remember: People will promote themselves; and therefore, your link.

Guest posts



Cross-pollinate platforms

1. Upload images to Flickr2. Share those images on Pinterest using the "url" to flickr3. Utilize the same descriptions4. Share the photos in a blog post using the "url" to flickr 5. Social bookmark the photos on weheartit6. Share photos on social networks

Write on other blogs you have access to to

Blog post distribution

- Use consistent keywords (Maximum of 5 keywords)- Share on social media- Share on social bookmarking

Multimedia and visuals





Original images

Look through your FB albums and Flickr images - these could be great backgrounds for quotables.

How to videos

PowerPoint/Keynote Presentations



Whiteboard videos

Use something like Powtoon or

Custom graphics