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OuiShare Where We are by Mind Map: OuiShare Where We are

1. Management practice

1.1. Principle

1.1.1. Action oriented

1.1.2. Interest Focused / Topic Focused

1.1.3. Light

1.1.4. Fractal

1.1.5. Avoid Overplanning (an planning in general)

1.2. Meetings

1.2.1. 6M Summit Strategymaking

1.2.2. 3M?

1.2.3. Weekly Core Catchup Scalability??? Budget? Approving Work Items? Core? All connectors?

2. Decision Making

2.1. Lazy Majoity based

2.2. Big Decisons

2.2.1. All Connectors vote

2.3. Day To Day Decision

2.3.1. On Global: Core Connectors are autonomous

2.3.2. On Local: Project Leaders are autonomous

3. budgeting and accounting models

3.1. Global

3.1.1. Strategic Standard Pillars On demand To be created to respond to challenges Ignite Fellowships

3.1.2. Self Funded Short term self funded project Mixed models models must be documented Long therm self funded Project Mixed models According to Project Requriements

3.2. Pillars

3.2.1. Should Motivate to Execute on KEY Activities (eg: OPERATIONS è STRATEGIC PRIORITIES)

3.2.2. Should Award Value Over Time

3.2.3. Should be as adaptive as possible

3.3. Local?

3.3.1. Connector's Services? Education? Workshops Consulting?

4. Strategy

5. Ideas / Items

5.1. New Formats

5.1.1. ShareFair

5.2. Roles

5.2.1. Short term project Project Leader Can Be Only Connectors Team

5.2.2. global Core Connector Member

5.2.3. Local Member (same as global) Local Connector Finding another name? eg: community angel / animator / instigator

5.3. OuiShare Credits

5.3.1. Can be converted in euros A conversion rate (10%)

5.3.2. IDEA: can be subsidized by partners? A mutual circuit can be a basic income? Mutual Benefits

5.3.3. Connectors should have a basic amount of "unconverted" credits to become Core - Connectors Maybe is enough to have gained a number of credits, irrespectively if converted or not

5.3.4. Non Exclusive - something can be still managed in euros directly (eg: funded projects)

6. Key Events Calendar

6.1. December 2014

6.1.1. Forum #1

6.1.2. Summit #6

6.2. May/June 2015

6.2.1. OuiShare Fest 15

6.2.2. Summit #7

6.2.3. Forum #2

6.3. Sept/Oct 2014

6.3.1. Official Launch of Partnerships