Youtube Domination

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Youtube Domination by Mind Map: Youtube Domination

1. Have a website

1.1. Upload all videos to website

1.1.1. Automatic?

1.2. SEO on Website

1.3. Add extra content

1.3.1. Bonus Videos

1.3.2. Bonus How to's

1.4. Adsense

1.5. Amazon store

1.6. Back links to YouTube channel

2. Getting started?

2.1. Why?

2.1.1. Make Money? Adsense Building a list selling products

2.2. Can it be done?

2.2.1. SB Rank is calculated using various aspects of your youtube career that accumulate over time.

2.2.2. Top 10 Youtube Channels PewDiePie - Games Avg $700K Per month DisneyCollectorBR - Entertainment avg $400K Per month Thefinebros - Entertainment Avg $150K Per month Getmovies - Entertainment Avg $150K Per month Vegetta777 - Games Avg $150K Per month Disneycartoys - Film Avg $150K Per month Smosh - Entertainment Avg $150K Per month Collegehumor - Comedy Avg $150K Per month Skydoesminecraft - Games Avg $100K Per month Erb - Entertainment Avg $100K Per month

2.2.3. Realistic Earning KingHuman 75K Subs Avg $700 Per month only 7 Videos in July = under 2 videos a week Stevegreenecomedy - 500K Subs Avg $2K Per month only 3 videos in july DDtop20 800K Subs Avg $40K Per month 11 videos in July Boogie2988 2mil Subs Avg $10K per month 20+ Videos in July AllTime10s 2.5mil subs Avg $25K per month 16 Videos in July Mighty Car Mods 800K Subs Avg $10K per month 3 videos in June Barnacules1 175L Subs Avg $2.5K Per month 15 Videos in July Spiketv 175K Subs Avg $5K Per month 17 Videos Per Month

2.3. Things you will need

2.3.1. Attitude Go getting Confidence Willing to learn

2.3.2. Time Reasearch Recording Editing

2.3.3. Hardwork

2.3.4. Equipment PC Second hand = $50 New = $300 Camera Web camera Camcorder Software Recording Editing Extras Microphone Design Monitor Quality speaker system Quality Head Phones Pro PC Background music Pictures / Images Design

2.4. The Plan

2.4.1. Research

2.4.2. Make Videos

2.4.3. Post on Youtube

2.4.4. SEO

2.4.5. Social Media

2.4.6. Advertising

2.4.7. Get views

2.4.8. Gets Subscribers

2.4.9. Make more videos

2.4.10. Make Money through adsense

2.4.11. Make money as an affiliate

2.5. Where the golden Ticket?

2.5.1. Subs or Viewers? The Catch 22 Viewers = Subs Subs = Viewers

2.5.2. Viwers = Money Adsense Random Buyers

2.5.3. Subs = Your own list Instead of emailing out, you post a video out Buyers from the "List"

2.5.4. So how many Subs/ Viewers do I need? Views Videos mature views over time In the first week In the first month Subscribers Hard to control when you get subs No FAKE Subs Need honest fans Ideally 100K+

2.5.5. How long will it take to reach the golden ticket? How much effort How much money Dedication Skill Time Frame Some people get "Found" on youtube and it goes "Viral" Within hours Somepeople work on youtube for years and struggle to get views The time frame is down to you!

3. Where to start?

3.1. Find a Topic = Niche

3.1.1. Making Money

3.1.2. How to's

3.1.3. Top 10

3.1.4. Vloging

3.1.5. Interviews

3.1.6. Reviews Movies Games Books

3.1.7. All of the above

3.1.8. Gaming???

3.2. Research

3.2.1. Google is your friend

3.2.2. Spy on your your competition

3.2.3. Plan videos ahead Always have 3-5 videos ready to go

3.2.4. No Copyright on Facts

3.2.5. Keywords Video's Name

3.2.6. Find Audience Age Gender Interests

3.3. Preperation

3.3.1. Graphics Logo (Avatar) Header Video Overlay? Intro Outro Video Thumbs

4. Video Creation

4.1. How?

4.1.1. List

4.1.2. Presentation

4.1.3. Record yourself

4.1.4. Record the screen

4.2. What to talk about

4.2.1. Use your reseach

4.2.2. Write a script

4.2.3. Make a top 10 list

4.2.4. Make bullet points

4.3. Quality over quantity

4.3.1. Make sure the sound is good Back gorund noise Voice Echo Crackling To loud To quiet Background music Sound affects

4.3.2. Video Quality SD or HD? The Set Bedroom Office Living room Outside Green screen? Computer screen Pcitures HD

4.4. Get recording!

4.4.1. Tips Stop the Erms.... Be confident Know what your talking about Keep it simple Take more then 1 attempt Trick**

4.5. What you want in a video

4.5.1. Keep it to 3-5 minuets

4.5.2. Be interactive Ask questions Give links

5. Video Editing

5.1. See videos for dedicated "How to's"

5.2. Cut out the silences and boring parts

5.2.1. Leave 1-2 sec transition time

5.3. Edit audio to make it sound better

5.3.1. Edit your voice change bass Add compression

5.3.2. Add music Make music quiet so you can hear your voice

5.3.3. Test Listen back via different methods Headphones Speakers Phone

5.4. Make sure video fits screen

5.4.1. Wide screen

5.5. 720P 1080P or SD?

5.5.1. 1080P is best quality Longer to render and upload

5.5.2. I suggest 720p

5.6. Check render settings

5.6.1. See Videos

5.7. Add intro & outro

5.7.1. See videos

5.8. Add subtitles?

5.8.1. Make a transcript?

6. Uploading a Video

6.1. Time and Date

6.1.1. Uploaded at the right times After work Before work Evening

6.1.2. Date Weekends weekdays Holidays

6.2. Title

6.2.1. About the video

6.2.2. Catchy

6.2.3. Look interesting

6.2.4. Keyword

6.2.5. Searchable

6.2.6. SEO

6.3. Description

6.3.1. First 2 lines so on search results Make them Appealing Interesting Eye catching NOT spamming

6.3.2. Long but not to long Enough to explain whats going on Not to long that its a novel

6.3.3. Links to social media Facebook fan page Twitter Others?

6.3.4. Include link to your website

6.3.5. Add a link to subscribe to you

6.3.6. Add some extra Keywords at the bottom

6.3.7. SEO

6.4. Tags

6.4.1. Add relevant tags

6.4.2. Add as many as you can

6.5. Thumbnail

6.5.1. Must be very clear

6.5.2. Catchy

6.5.3. Relates to the video

6.5.4. Includes words

6.5.5. Tips on the best Thumbnail Has all/part of the title It POPS See extras for examples Makes it personal Your Face

6.6. Auto Post to Social media

6.6.1. Twitter

6.6.2. Facebook

6.7. Monetize

7. Traffic

7.1. Free

7.1.1. Increase your CTR CTR = Click through rate Better Content Titles Thumbnails Tags Description

7.1.2. Better SEO On website In description

7.1.3. Commenting on other websites of the same interest with link back

7.1.4. Forum posting Add link in signature

7.1.5. Social networking Join facebook groups Tweet people # Tags Vine

7.1.6. Yahoo answers

7.1.7. Ehow

7.1.8. WikiHow

7.1.9. Wiki-answers

7.1.10. All experts

7.1.11. Linkedin

7.1.12. Give aways / Competitions

7.1.13. Exchange links with other youtubers

7.1.14. Reviews Get people to review you

7.2. Paid

7.2.1. Google adwords

7.2.2. Bing advertising

7.2.3. Banner advertising

7.2.4. Fiverr DONT BUY VIEW, SUBS, COMMENTS OR LIKES!! This will not help you one bit Buy Tweets Pay $5 to have someone tweet your youtube link to there followers

7.2.5. Facebook Ads

8. What now?

8.1. Keep uploading videos

8.1.1. 2-3 videos a week

8.2. Keep making GOOD content and you will grow

8.3. Very soon you will start making money

8.4. If you do this right

8.4.1. You could earn Over 200K a year...