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Expert Systems by Mind Map: Expert Systems
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Expert Systems

The problems that the machine is having (engineering)


Contains inference engine

User types in symptons (medical diagnosis)

type in the environmaent of the surrounding area (oil searching)

movement of the player (chess game)


System reads the input

Compares input with existing database

Database finds symptons and looks for possible treatments and answers

Looks through past events and find similar cases


Answers to request are found

The disease the user carries is displayed on the screen

Possible treatments and suggestions are displayed as well

if the area has a possibility of having oil (oil searching)

The best move to react to the players move (chess game)

What the problem was and the way to fix it (engineering)

What is it

System used to replace human activity

Only human activity needed is to input

Consists of a screen, inference engine and a database

The computer does the work of looking through every data on the system very fast and finds the best answer

Knowledge-based system


Medical diagnosis

Oil searching

Surgery aid

Chess game




The computer does not forget things and it can remember far more than human

The computer doesnt make mistakes