30 Years War

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30 Years War by Mind Map: 30 Years War

1. The Battle at Agincourt: it was when a major English victory against the French army in the 100 years of war. It also violates the just cause since they fight with self- defense and agression

2. The Battle at Agincourt: it seems to violate the right intention which causes a lot of destruction and it doesn't seem to be a just war since it doesn't follow the right intention, and if you don't, there isn't purpose of the war. In the war, many soldiers will get killed because of it.

3. The 3 Critierias in waging in war

3.1. Proportionality

3.2. Right Intention

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3.3. Noncombatant immunit

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4. The 6 Criterias for engaging in war (just ad bello)

4.1. Just War

4.2. Legitimate Authority

4.3. Right Intention

4.4. Proportionality

4.5. Probability of Success

4.6. Last Resort

5. The English Henry V led his troops to fight hand to hand fighting, the weapons seem to be spheres and shields.

6. The Crusades

6.1. defensive and aggressive, had the mind that they probably were going to win since they had more soldiers on their side.

6.2. Hebrew Chronicals of the First Crusades had the motive for vengeance for the crucifixion of Christ.

6.3. A military expedition by European Christians to regain Holy Land back from the Muslims, and many people seem to join, peasant or not.

7. The Just War Theory

7.1. It sometimes wasn't followed and many people got killled.

7.2. When it was followed you got the probability that you may succeed and not many soldiers would get killed as well as civilians.

7.3. Now even at this time period, it is not followed and many people get killed.

7.4. This was made for people to follow and to go to war for the right reasons, not kill people just for whatever reason, this is to keep everybody doing the right thing for the right purpose.

8. Since there were a lot of war, the Crusades didn't follow much of the just war theories, which then didn't make it a just war. It lacks of last resort and proportionality since the use of force is taken advantaged of. It does proportionality in bello because it doesn't end until a lot of people are hurt.

9. That war seem to not follow much of the Just war theories: it didn't seem that it was used as the right intention and the probability of success was harder.

10. The Counter Reformation is the period of Catholic revival beginning with the Council of Trent (1545-1563) and also was ending close of the Thirty Years' War.

10.1. :The 5 major elements

10.1.1. Doctrine Structural reconfiguration Religious Orders

11. The way the Counter Reformation violated the legitimate authority since this principle is specifically a restraint on the lust of power. The proportionality as bello was one that wasn't followed, it had balance-of-power considerations.