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Political Economy & Youth Work by Mind Map: Political Economy & Youth Work
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Political Economy & Youth Work


Alot of people believe that young people in immigration who come to australia are taking the jobs and leaving less opportunities for australians, however i believe they are creating more jobs for the australian economy.


I don't really see much differnce between being in a prison and being in immigration detention. To me people held in both custodies are treated the same. They are both unfair systems where the people pretty much get treated like animals. People who commit a serius crime such as murder or rape deserve punishment however little crimes like grafitti shouldn't be treated as harsh punishment. People in immigration don't even get the chance to do a crime, and they're already treated badly.


What we see on the media is always negaitives towards people within immigration, things such as 'they can't speak english', 'they can't drive'. I believe the media is a huge portrayal of the real world, as the people throughout immigration are human beings and they deserve a chance in my opinion


I believe that young people who come from a broken family are less likely to go on to further education. I believe this due to  personal experiences I have had. for example i'm lucky my parents have always pushed me to do my best and to at least try something in further education, alot of families i know that don't have a father influence or a mother influence, the young people tend to be less inclined to complete year 12 let alone attempt further education.


Most people relate young people and prison by lack of or no eduucation. I believe that the young people have the potential to succeed however they are bored with the system which encourages them to drop out of school and participate in risk taking activities, which then gets them into trouble and they end up in jail/juvenille detention


the government don't give young people enough freedom, for example the p-plate laws, restrict young people from things like road trips, and just being able to hang out with their friends in general.  


I don't think that by getting a good education means that you get a guaranteed good paying job. I do believe that a further education givess a young person a better chance of gaining a job duee to experience but it doesnt guarantee a great job.  


Alot of younf people's money goes towards tax. But where does tax money go is the major questions asked by many people. Some tax money goes into the public health system however things such as  mental health aren't highly funded or supported.


Young people are always caught up in the media as being a "bad" group in society, they are not really given a chance or any freedom to just be who they want to be. There are way too many expectations portrayed by the media which makes being a teenager even more harder. 


The tax money that goes towards prisons can be argued that the people inside the prisons don't deserve the luxuries of the outside world, i do agree with this as they are in there to reflect on their crime however i do believe that they should be given a second chance to improve and change. As there isn't much funding towards the prison system, i don't think this should be taken away from the young people.


There are many different health issues when it comes to gender. As they are young the first health issue would be the hormonal changes taking place, women also tend to be more emotional whereas men like to be more physical and hold back there emotions.


less knowledge leads to less chance of getting a job.