Yazidi's in Northern Iraq by Raina Abouzeid, 2014

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Yazidi's in Northern Iraq by Raina Abouzeid, 2014 by Mind Map: Yazidi's in Northern Iraq by Raina Abouzeid, 2014

1. Belief Systems

1.1. Islam in India

1.2. waters and rivers

1.2.1. the Prophet walked Just the prophet Adam not Eve

1.3. Christianity peacock was an angel ...

1.4. Starks and Bainbridge "Religious Shopper Theory"

1.4.1. No such thing, because it has always been a shopping experience

1.5. Religion will need to change in order to survive

1.6. Religious rituals tied to peace and war time (Maori)

1.6.1. Opposite from Yazidi in terms of sharing their culture

2. Globalization & Change

2.1. Have they been able to remain their own sect of religion because they have been untouched by other religions.

2.2. Belief Systems change over time, Jesus was a Jew but formed Christianity

2.3. What's next for the Yazidi? How will this religion continue?

2.3.1. link to the past

2.3.2. link to the past

2.4. There are Yazidi communities in Germany and North American

2.4.1. Are they doomed due to their exclusivity? With so few members how can they survive? Would it be better for the religion to die off in its original state? Or should it be subject to change and survive in a different form?

3. Environment & Land

3.1. significant travelers but huge ties to land

3.1.1. the Mecca to the Yazidi's is in Lalish

3.2. Land is the beginning of ALL major religions from today.

3.3. Paganistic ideas

3.4. Land is the religion -- cannot leave the land

3.4.1. Connections to Land - the same as Maori But the Maori have been able to get some of their back They are not separate from the land, whereas modern societies view the land as an exploitable resource. An attempt to reinstate the way that the environment naturally was, on the Ocean the Maori are the guests.

3.5. Whale Rider and Maori - land is an essential piece of your identity

4. Conflict

4.1. Religious Conflict

4.1.1. Concepts of Satan are different

4.2. Gris gris in Central AFrican Republic using scapegoats

4.3. Persecution throughout time

4.3.1. This is the 73rd time they have been persecuted

4.4. Gris gris in Central AFrican Republic using scapegoats

4.5. Religious Conflict

5. Social Organization

5.1. Caste System

5.1.1. healers are Pir caste

5.2. Endogamous Marriages

6. Cultural Exclusivity

6.1. links to Bhutan

6.2. oral traditions

6.2.1. if lost then no re-gaining that information