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Complete overview about Blogging from choosing a topic to picking a platform and promoting your blog so you can drive traffic and then monetize it.

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Blogging by by Mind Map: Blogging by

1. Promotion

1.1. Make sure you have enough good content before promoting - At least 10 articles

1.2. Online

1.2.1. Other Blogs Build a network of peers - start with people in same league, not the A-list Link to them E-mail the author Interview the Author

1.2.2. Forums

1.2.3. Social Networks LinkedIn FaceBook MySpace MyBlogLog BlogCatalog

1.2.4. Social Bookmarking Digg StumbleUpon Reddit

1.2.5. Syndication FeedBurner PRWeb Articles Scribd Squidoo HubPages ezineArticles goArticles iSnare eHow FindArticles ArticleAlley

1.2.6. Paid Advertising PPC Banners Text Link Ads

1.2.7. Content eBooks Audio/Podcast/TeleSeminars Webinars/Videos/Screencasts eZines/Newsletters Wikis Software/Tools

1.3. Offline

1.3.1. Business Cards

1.3.2. Flyers

1.3.3. Weekly Papers

1.3.4. Bulletin Boards

1.3.5. Newspaper, Radio, TV, Billboard

1.3.6. Word of Mouth

1.3.7. Public Speaking

2. Blog vs Website

2.1. Content in Chronological Order

2.1.1. Creates a Journal

2.2. Easy to add new content

2.2.1. Anyone can be a publisher now

2.3. Frequently updated content

2.3.1. Keeps readers (and spiders) coming back

2.4. 2 Way conversation (comments)

2.4.1. Helps build trust

3. Goals

3.1. Provide Value

3.2. Establish credibility

3.3. Become an Authority

3.4. Get your customers to trust and value your opinion

3.5. Drive Traffic to your "Money" Site

4. Content

4.1. Decide what you want your niche topic to be

4.1.1. Passion or Profit?

4.1.2. Do you know enough about the topic to write about it several times a week?

4.1.3. Topic Brainstorming Hobbies Passions Things you do for work Places you've been or things you've done (or want to visit or do) Things you know about or want to learn about Entertainment (Music, Movies, Books, TV, Celebrity's) News, Politics, Current Events, Weird Stories Technology: News/Trends, Tutorials, Reviews Business: Marketing, Management, Strategy, Automation, Outsourcing, Finance/Investing, News/Trends Magazine Racks SubNiche Popular Topics Automotive: 4 Wheel Drive Trucks Cooking : Cuban Food Electronics: Home Theater Equipment

4.2. Don't just write about your product or service. Write about topics that matter to your audience - make it valuable.

4.2.1. Snowboard Manufacturer Resort Reviews Finding Deals on Lift Tickets How To's

4.2.2. Realtor Things to do in the area Companies that are hiring Traffic warnings

4.3. Avoid controversial topics on a business blog... Politics, religion, abortion, gun laws, race

4.4. Mention Authority Blogs/People in your market. They have searches setup to notify them when someone writes about them or their company

4.5. Types of Posts

4.5.1. How To Article/Tutorial

4.5.2. Subject Overview (usually in a multi-part series)

4.5.3. Top X List

4.5.4. Resource List

4.5.5. Opinion, Theory, Observation or Argument Original Response to someone else's post

4.5.6. Link bait Anything truly useful that lots of people would want to link to. Look at top Digg posts for examples Free Software Free Reports Free Audio/Video Free Graphics

4.6. Best Practices

4.6.1. Minimum of 2 Posts a week Schedule posts to publish in the future

4.6.2. Min 250 word posts

4.6.3. Allow and Invite comments

4.6.4. Original content only

4.6.5. Use Pictures, Audio, Video Transcribe Audio and Video also with time markers

4.6.6. Change Permalink Structure to /%postname%/

5. Commenting

5.1. Find the quality, reputable, authority blogs on your topic at and

5.1.1. Use advanced search to narrow results

5.2. Use bloglines to monitor daily posts

5.3. Add comments frequently (at least every other day) to related blogs.

5.3.1. Thoughtful

5.3.2. Relevant

5.3.3. Smart

5.3.4. Witty

5.3.5. Educated

5.3.6. Interesting

5.3.7. Valuable

5.3.8. Just like interrupting a conversation at a party

5.4. Include 1 keyword rich link to your blog/website in signature

5.5. Use real e-mail address in case blog owner wants to contact you. Never know what could come of it

6. Platforms


6.1.1. Host it yourself...




6.5. Windows Live Spaces -


7. Themes





8. Plugins

8.1. Akismet

8.2. All In One SEO Pack -

8.3. Adsense Deluxe -

8.4. Wordpress Backup -

8.5. WP Cache -

8.6. Sitemap Generator -

8.7. Related Posts -

8.8. Ultimate Tag Warrior -

8.9. Sociable -


8.11. CForms -

8.12. NextGEN Gallery -

8.13. PodPress -

8.14. WP-Polls -

8.15. Embedded Video -

9. Monetization

9.1. Paypal - Donation buttons

9.2. Build an e-mail list

9.3. CPC Ads

9.3.1. Google Adsense

9.3.2. Yahoo Publisher Network



9.3.5. Bidvertiser

9.4. Text Links





9.5. Pay for Post




9.6. CPA/Affiliate

9.6.1. Pick Subscription Programs when possible






9.6.7. Amazon

9.6.8. eBay

9.6.9. PayDotCom

9.7. Sponsorship

9.7.1. Create an "Advertise Here" page

9.7.2. Charge monthly instead of by impressions or clicks.

9.7.3. Set them up on autopay

9.7.4. Charge a premium and limit availability