Concepts of Culture

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Concepts of Culture by Mind Map: Concepts of Culture

1. The Naked Truth

1.1. Modesty is a form of modern understanding

1.2. Nebraska

1.3. River after work to go skinny dipping (both males and females)

1.4. functionalism of swimming naked

1.4.1. rules and norms amongst the group for comfort

1.5. outside of the river - norms are different

1.6. emic and etic perspective

2. Nacirema

2.1. context for examining the other

2.1.1. ethnocentrism vs. cultural relativism

2.2. emic and etic

2.3. Let's Americans view the etic perspective of themselves

3. Goin' Gangsta, Choosin' Cholita

3.1. Culture is a choice

3.1.1. Subculture even more so ...

3.1.2. Ethnicity and deciding which traits you identify with

3.2. cultural construction can be determined

3.3. Anglo living Cholita style