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Treatments For High Blood Pressure by Mind Map: Treatments For High Blood Pressure
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Treatments For High Blood Pressure

You can find more information about the treatment of high blood pressure on   There are many different treatment options open to any blood pressure patient or sufferer. Some need medications - but many blood pressure medication side effects can cause problems or make those who take them feel unwell. Others prefer to try natural or diet methods in their efforts to get blood pressure under good control

blood pressure medications

different blood pressure medications

natural blood pressure treatments

sometimes it is better to avoid medications natural treatments herbal blood pressure treatments  

natural blood pressure treatment with

food and blood pressure

lots of food choices can influence BP readings

good foods for blood pressure

bad foods for blood pressure

blood pressure diet

sometimes called the DASH blood pressure diet

alcohol and blood pressure levels

salt and blood pressure

focus on salt intake and what it can do to our health has increased in recent years salt sensitivity is a crucial problem   if you are too sensitive to salt intake then your blood pressure can rise very high very quickly - bringing with it a risk of stroke and heart attack

controlling blood pressure levels

Getting good control of the levels is important if you want to reduce the risk of strokes or heart attacks. Not controlling blood pressure levels might lead to early death or disability. Please work hard to sort things out if this applies to you.

using diet to improve blood pressure

reduction in salt intake will lower blood pressure

salt sensitivity or sensitive to salt raises blood pressure very high sometimes

weight loss of ten pounds lowers blood pressure by ten points on the systolic number readings

buy a blood pressure monitor

choosing the best blood pressure monitor is important if you want to get a grip on your readings at home. Cardiologists and heart specialists now realise that checking BP at home is as effective - or maybe even better - than hospital tests

omron blood pressure monitors

wrist monitor for blood pressure

upper arm bp monitors

bp cuff at home

using a home blood pressure machine to check levels

blood pressure chart

low blood pressure is also a big problem for many people

hard to find information about low blood pressure treatments

most of the information available online relates to hypertension hypertension is another name used when the BP is too high is a good source of hypotension or low blood pressure information and support

also called hypotension

what is hypotension? how do you define what hypotension means systolic and diastolic numbers for lower blood pressure readings

what is low blood pressure

what do the blood pressure numbers mean

what is high blood pressure

how to understand the numbers

systolic numbers

diastolic numbers

what is the pulse pressure on a blood pressure monitor reading

pulse pressure is the difference between the two numbers on the BP reading if the reading is 140/80 then the pulse pressure level is 60 average pulse pressure over the course of a day is important when judging if blood pressure levels are harmful or not

white coat high blood pressure

also called white coat hypertension   bp levels and usually rise when being checked in hospital or in the clinic setting best sorted out by using a home monitor or a 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor device

blood pressure that goes up and down when the doctor checks it

not always the same depending on the circumstances