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C6 Chemical Synthesis by Mind Map: C6 Chemical Synthesis
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C6 Chemical Synthesis

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

1. Acid reactions Page 210-211


Metal Oxide+Acid=>Salt+Water

Metal Carbonate+Acid=>Salt+Water+Carbon Dioxide

2. The ionic theory of acids and alkalis Page 212-213

Contains Hydrogen- above 7 on the pH scale

Contains Hydroxide- below 7 on the pH scale

The balance of pH when an acid is added to an alkali: H+OH=H20

3. Controlling the rate of reaction Page 218-221

Factors that affect rate of reaction


Particle size of solid reactants



Ways to measure rate of reaction

Collecting and measuring a gas product

Measuring the loss of mass as a gas forms

Timing how long it takes for a solution to turn cloudy

Timing how long it takes for a small amount of solid reactant to disappear

4. Synthesis Page 226-229, 224-225

Steps involved in chemical synthesis

Measuring yield

Balanced chemical equations to work out quantities of chemicals used

5. The chemical industry Page 206-207

Bulk chemicals

Fine chemicals

Uses of chemicals