Teaching Beliefs

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Teaching Beliefs by Mind Map: Teaching Beliefs

1. Passion For Teaching Children

1.1. Passion is loving watching my students grow and learn in everyway.

1.2. Passion in how I appreciate and love each of my students, even on not so good days.

1.3. Patience comes easier with a passion for what you do.

2. Classroom Management

2.1. Classroom Management will make or break a school year for a teacher. Without it life is miserable for both the teacher and the students.

2.2. Consistency, consistency, consistency!!! Children needed it adults need it!

2.3. Procedures must be set in place to have a well managed class!

3. Curriculum and Planning

3.1. Curriculum follow the state standards.

3.2. Objectives must match the standard you are teaching. Plan your objective by choosing your standard first.

3.3. Planning and being prepared are best for students and teacher.

3.4. Teach to each students specific needs. Not to your needs.