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Book Design by Mind Map: Book Design


1.1. Be thoughtful as you choose your name

1.2. Choose graphics that will represent you and the message of your book most effectively.


2.1. You must have a killer cover to pique potential readers’ interests.

2.2. You need to be sure the elements inside your book are consistent with the overall design theme.

2.3. you should have a brief description of what your book is about and, where applicable, other books or projects you’ve published.

2.4. Dedication page

2.4.1. Your dedication page can also include dedicating your work of art to those you love and/or those whose efforts and support helped make your book possible.

2.5. Table of contents

2.5.1. You will list your Foreword to the reader, then the chapters’ names, numbers and page numbers

2.5.2. Following the book chapters, you should defi nitely include your Acknowledgements.

2.5.3. Please, please, please don’t forget to acknowledge

2.5.4. inside back cover, You will typically have your picture and biography Both your picture and biography represent you well and in respect to your genre.

2.6. the main objective for your picture and bio is to inform the reader of your expertise in the fi eld and create rapport, both of which will help them select your book from among dozens of others on the shelf.

3. To review, your book design should include:

3.1. 1. Front Cover — Appealing design, compelling title, your name, your platform if possible 2. Inside Front Cover — Brief description of your book and other books you’ve written 3 Several blank pages 4. Dedication Page — What you hope for your readers to accomplish with the knowledge they will gain from your book. 5. Table of Contents — Include all chapters, including foreword or prologue, and acknowledgements. 6. Acknowledgements — Recognize those who helped you to success. 7. Inside Back Cover — Your picture and biography that fi t your niche. 8. Back Cover — Inviting description of what your book is.


4.1. No Black Covers!

4.2. Book Location.

4.2.1. Where your book is located and how much it is promoted by the staff