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Learn To Innovate - managing ideas and their execution by Mind Map: Learn To Innovate - managing ideas and their execution
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Learn To Innovate - managing ideas and their execution

Resources for Innovation and practical creativity

John Cleese on Creativity

Tackling Parkinson's Disease with a phone call

Where do ideas come from?

The creative spark - what makes us create and innovate?

Less about Innovation and more about mediocrity

Peter Fuda - Burning Platforms and Burning Aspirations

The Innovation Process at Schaeffler

The $300 house - the process of reverse innovation

Our approach to innovation is dead wrong

When genious and insanity hold hands

The Moser Bulb Story

Rene Redzepi the story of Noma

Innovation Man

Innovation HBR

Arunachalam - sanitary napkin revolution

Navi Radjou - Jugaad - Frugal Innovation

Wk 1 - Your Creative Self

Nurturing your creative genius

Developing insight - seeing what others do not see

Become a more powerful innovator

Giving up old ideas/habits for better ones

Wk 2 - Leading Innovation - building a bigger brain!

Leading Innovators

Organising Innovators

Wk 3 - Creating Innovation - from insight to implementation

the innovation curve and the leap to a new curve

If traditional wont work...traditions wont do

Measuring Innovation

Wk 4 - Winning with Innovation

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties

A desire that the better ideas should win...a battle

using innovation to move somewhere better

what makes an idea attractive?

Sell the idea

Renew, Transform, Disrupt

Surfing waves of creativity

Wk 5 - Innovator's Turning Points

Learn from what innovators do, how they focus, feel and think

A beautiful idea is never perfect

Little differences make a big difference

Leaders get the Innovation they deserve

Wk 6 - The Innovator's Toolkit

Questions? Insights? Observations? Practical Ideas?