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eLearning Tools by Mind Map: eLearning Tools
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eLearning Tools

Social Media and other web apps and tools for eLearning

Media Work

New Pathways to Publishing

Markets / Income

Reducing Production Costs

Lower barriers to entry

Knowledge Databank

Remote / Distributed Teams


Telepresence & Telework


Teaching tools

Publish vs Practice

Bidirectional Publishing

Format changes structure

Webtop vs Desktop Apps

3D Virtual Worlds

Web 2.0

Integral Internet (applied to real life)

The Semantic Web




Podcasting / Streaming

E-Learning from the best

Learning by doing

Vlogging (video blog)

Social News Networks

Open Source & Web Apps

Free, Open, Customisable, Shareable

Google Education Dashboard

Moodle (virtual classroom)

Open Office / Web 2.0 office tools

Drupal for Community Platform

Joomla Teaching portals

Web OS

Edubuntu OS?

ICT Innovations

Developing Innovative Education Platforms

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