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China Power Shift by Mind Map: China Power Shift
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China Power Shift


Theory of a New Silk Road DL

China Econ Illusion PS

US Losses Clout on Korean Econ

Effects on Korean economy DL

Presentation Ideas

Pop Culture

Music: as intro

Movies: Jason & Won-jin

Fashion: Lindsey & Lynn


1. Language 2. Teaching method in China 3. Interest of international students toward China 4. China interests in education in different countries. 5. Growth of students wanting to learn English – what is the reason?

How has Chinese education culture made China so successful despite the tremendous gap between wealthy and poor? Topics: Language, Teaching method in China, International School students' interest towards China, China's interest in education in different countries, Growth of st...udents wanting to learn English- what is the reason and how is it related to chinese? Presentation method: Key notes presentation, videos, comic-in-life