Week 5 Reflection - Encouraging De-Lurking

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Week 5 Reflection - Encouraging De-Lurking by Mind Map: Week 5 Reflection - Encouraging De-Lurking

1. "Do Not Just Settle for an Opinion"

1.1. Requires thought

1.2. Time-consuming (Martina)

2. Topic must be interesting

2.1. The role of the teacher - to find an interesting task (Hana)

2.2. Everyone has their own favorite topics (Ivo)

2.3. Worthwhile to ask students what they would be interested in (Ivo)

2.4. Helps to ask additional questions, not just the topic itself (Daša)

3. Team participation is difficult (Martina)

3.1. Many people

3.2. Difficult technically

4. Peer Grading

4.1. Students become involved in the knowledge of what the evaluation criteria are (Martina)

4.2. An incentive to read what others have written (Daša)

4.3. Best to let peers evaluate each other without actual grades, just about quality (Hana)

4.4. Might lead to evaluating everything as good without reading it (Daša)

5. Don't force constant contributions

5.1. Might help to have a limit to the number of threads one person can be in (Petra)

5.2. E-learners shouldn't participate in every thread (Ivo)

6. Need for clear rules

6.1. Should have minimums for posts and responses (Hana)

6.2. Participation must be compulsory (Daša)

7. Other motivations

7.1. Money

7.1.1. First thought and could lead to participation (Ivo)

7.1.2. The university probably can't afford it (Daša)

7.2. Good quality means having to write less (Ivo)