WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? Bringing the mind map experience to the next level

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WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? Bringing the mind map experience to the next level by Mind Map: WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? Bringing the mind map experience to  the next level

1. Assisted mind mapping (AI)

1.1. WunderFeatures

1.1.1. WunderNote

1.1.2. WunderLink

1.1.3. WunderVideo

1.1.4. WunderImage

1.2. WunderKind (Experimental)

1.2.1. Term extraction Stanford Named Entity Recognizer OpenCalais Term Extraction 1.0 — from FiveFilters.org Example Let's have dinner with Thomas in Paris

1.2.2. Disambiguation Offers different categories Example Theatres, sightseeing, eating

1.2.3. Google Freebase API Deliver suggestions Based on filtering above

1.2.4. Benefits Automatically searches for subtopics Provides new ideas to compliment your own Saves time

1.3. Suggested maps and blog entries

2. A new level of collaboration

2.1. Paper mind mapping

2.1.1. Collaborative mind mapping What comes next

2.2. Feedback for public maps

2.2.1. Liking

2.2.2. Commenting

2.3. Collaboration on individual topics

2.3.1. Commenting

2.3.2. Voting

2.3.3. Liking

3. Sneak peek

4. Sneak peek #1

4.1. Sneak peek #2

5. Overview

5.1. MindMeister

5.2. New Input Technologies

5.3. A New Level of Collaboration

5.4. Assisted Mind Mapping

6. .

6.1. Online mind mapping & collaboration

6.2. Launched 2007

6.3. Web, iOS & Android

6.4. Offices in Munich and Vienna

6.5. Hosted in Germany

7. About this presentation

7.1. Sharing current ideas

7.2. List is not exhaustive

7.3. Want to encourage discussion

7.4. Follow-up Questions

7.4.1. Upcoming Townhall meeting

7.4.2. Developer session with Managing Director Michael Hollauf

8. Utilizing new input technologies

8.1. Wearables

8.1.1. Google Glass "OK Glass, take a note with MindMeister" What else?

8.1.2. Apple Watch .

8.2. Touchscreens

8.2.1. Smartphones and tablets

8.2.2. Offers more haptic experience than keys

8.2.3. Drawing images feature for mobile apps

8.2.4. Multitouch screens FlexTouch Multi-touch gestures Like mind mapping on whiteboard, but faster and with a lot more space and structure.

8.3. Traditional Whiteboards

8.3.1. Rocketboard App Handwriting recognition software Editable digital map

8.4. Motion-control

8.4.1. Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 Tracks movements using depth-sensing camera Microphone array adds voice recognition Hands-free, no controller Full body movement

8.5. Brain-computer interfacing device (BCI)

8.5.1. The MindMeister Thought Extractor April Fool's joke But: Already used in computer gaming and health care fields Would replace traditional typing Would speed up the input process significantly