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Web 2.0 technologies by Mind Map: Web 2.0 technologies
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Web 2.0 technologies


Companies use web 2.0 to advertise thier company or products produced. They can reach a larger audience over the internet by posting ads on social networking sites, blogs, wikis or media sharing sites. By advertising on the internet it is also possible to use web 2.0 technology in posting a link with the advertisement whereby the consumer may be directed to the companies web page for a detailed page on the companies product.


The general public is able to gain access to more information about the product the company produces or the company themselves. The company may also publish important information about themselves that they want the consumer to know about.  

Customer feedback

Companies are always trying to improve to keep with the times and there's no better way than with web 2.0 technology. Surveys can be conducted on products or company quality and service and this information is very important to organisations. Using web 2.0 allows for customer feedback to become easy and less time consuming.

Competitive advantage

A great advert goes a long way to creating a competitve advantage. Consumers are looking at colourful creative designs that are eye-catching. Using the technology at hand, one can create a variety  of logos, slogans and brands and post it on the net to draw more customers to your company.


Companies are looking for many young bright people to work for them and many of the future bright sparks will be found using the internet. So a great idea would be to use web 2.0 to advertise positions via the web to all users. This increases the chance of recruitment.