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How a business could use web 2.0 technologies by Mind Map: How a business could use web 2.0 technologies
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How a business could use web 2.0 technologies

Advanced gaming Building stronger relationships between co-workers and increasing entertainment level in business. Example: Online games

RSS Using RSS to get information on the latest developments of competitors. Saves time and money Increases efficiency and productivity in a business.

E-Commerce Creating a broad trading platform for suppliers and customers Example: E-Bay,

Blogs Creating a world wide web communication between customer and supplier Reaching international markets and advertising new products. Sharing information about products/ services with customers. Example: Twitter, Facebook, My Space

Mash-ups Saving time and money by finding locations more accurately. Example: Google maps

Open source-/interactive applications Allows access to collaboration information Advertising new products Example: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias

Social networking sites Strengthens the communication efficiency between customer and supplier. Helps broad information sharing Access to better knowledge Example: E-mails and Instant messaging