Building your Personal Brand

Brainstorm the goals of a project according to the SMART principle

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Building your Personal Brand by Mind Map: Building your Personal Brand


1.1. 1. Click the circle with the plus sign to expand a topic.

1.2. 2. A circle with horizontal lines means there are notes associated with the topic.

1.3. 3. A circle with an arrow in it means there is an Internet site associated with the topic.

2. 3. Reaching Your Target Market

2.1. Define who you will serve. Who is your target audience?

2.2. Determine your frame of reference.

2.3. What benefits can you deliver to your target audience? How are you better than your competition?

2.4. How can you show support that you can deliver what you say you can?

2.5. Put all of these pieces together to show the net benefits to the team of including you.

3. Taking Your Brand Online

3.1. Be sure your digital image is the one you want to display.

3.2. Use social media to support your Personal Brand Statement.

3.3. Special features can be added that support your Personal Brand Statement, like a favorite quote.

3.4. A professional headshot should be a part of your online presence.

4. 2. Create your Personal Brand Statement

4.1. Envision your best self. Answer these questions:

4.1.1. What 3 keywords describe you quickly and clearly?

4.1.2. What is the core of who you are? When are you "in your element"?

4.1.3. What is your expertise? What is it about you that people would say?

4.1.4. What qualities set you apart? When are you a superstar?

5. 1. Brainstorm who you are and what you want from life

5.1. Your values are your core principles. Values are a set of standards on which you base your attitudes, choices, and action.

5.2. What are you passionate about? If you do things that you enjoy, you will be more motivated.

5.3. Your personal mission statement clarifies who you are and what your goals are. It is similar to your Personal Brand statement.

5.4. Your vision is the ideal way in which you will use your mission.

5.5. Making goals helps you know how you will measure success.