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Roadmap by Mind Map: Roadmap

1. Development

1.1. Facebook

1.1.1. Facebook Tab not displaying content

1.1.2. Facebook link metatags

1.1.3. UPDATE to OAuth for Social Graph

1.1.4. Facebook Connect post

1.1.5. TalentFlow Stream Stories

1.1.6. Payment notification to publish special story

1.1.7. Add special location to stream posts

1.1.8. Switch to iFrame inside

1.1.9. Virality Migrate FB app to [Eliminate FB cache for specials (diff ids)] Add Specials as Gifts for virality Facebook Publishing Permission list Phantom facebook posts Mailing list opt-in form Social Game

1.2. Twitter

1.2.1. Twitter autotweet Authenticate w/twitter Post msg with link to portfolio from Shastic

1.2.2. Publish Specials to Twitter

1.3. Mobile

1.3.1. Facebook Mobile Platform app

1.4. Payments

1.4.1. Buy many coupons on a single transaction

1.4.2. Make payment confirmation back to Shastic automatical

1.4.3. Ad tracking id for analytics to urls

1.4.4. Check Chrome confirmations for payments

1.4.5. Buy Special No-Refund disclaimer Special (coupon) terms/rules disclaimer Auto send email on payment success (ON AMAZON) because some people might leave payments page at that point.

1.4.6. Publish Special Revenue Share Disclaimer (for Venue)

1.4.7. Automatic Affiliate/Venue payment settlement (4 way payments)

1.4.8. Braintree

1.5. Events

1.5.1. Performer portfolio (optional). Display venue portfolio instead.

1.5.2. Email invite

1.5.3. Pre-populate contact info w/venue location

1.5.4. Invite artists to claim portfolio via email

1.6. Specials

1.6.1. API

1.6.2. Fix coupon email (Text-only (simple) version)

1.6.3. Add a NEW SPECIAL button to specials box on profile

1.6.4. Coupon buyer list

1.6.5. Email link to print coupon (disable autoprint screen)

1.6.6. No conection from shastic to fb when publishing

1.6.7. Time of the special

1.6.8. Branding of venue

1.7. Venues Homepage

1.7.1. Add "Shastic's SEM (Social Engagement Manager) for Venues powering advanced social net wall posts for specials, complete with scheduling, showcasing and selling capabilities."

1.7.2. Check homepage in chrome

1.7.3. Change layout to section slider with important content first.

1.7.4. Layout bg bleed image

1.8. Tutorials

1.8.1. Modify Portfolio Tutorial (Change showcased artist)

1.9. Signup

1.9.1. Activate account with email

1.9.2. Remove 'I am' option

1.9.3. Remove public profile link from profile

1.10. Rails

1.10.1. Upgrade to Version 3.0 (TimeZone support)

1.11. TalentFlow

1.11.1. Special iAd

2. Sales Pitch

2.1. Strategy: Focus on Entertainment Venues

2.1.1. Online Carla Lam Joseariel

2.1.2. On Site Cherie Cindy Plunket Monique

2.1.3. Target Customer Agencies

2.2. Brochure

2.2.1. Tap into the network of trust of your customers

2.2.2. The 1 hour advertising campaign

2.2.3. No expertise required (pretty simple)

2.2.4. FB Virality: Word of mouth on steroids

2.2.5. Shastic is efficient, measurable, and risk-free. We make money by taking a piece of each Special we sell. In other words, we only win if you win – and you know what you’re getting at every step of the process. Simply the best marketing you can do that builds awareness and boosts your bottom-line.

2.2.6. Promoting alcohol:

2.2.7. Growth stats on social nets

2.2.8. People buy things online more and more

2.3. Demo (Script)

2.3.1. Login Profile Sample Event Link FB Page Sample Event on FB Publish Sample Special on Shastic Sample Special on FB Purchase Coupon on FB See virality posts

3. Differentiation Strategy

3.1. Sales

3.1.1. Managed by Lam Event Promoters

3.1.2. Alliances with Food/Drink Manufacturers

3.2. Marketing

3.2.1. Social Media Manager Facebook Twitter Analytics Ads (google, facebook) Sales Wiki