Problems solved by MacGyver (Episodes 1-10)

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Problems solved by MacGyver (Episodes 1-10) by Mind Map: Problems solved by MacGyver (Episodes 1-10)

1. 001 Pilot

1.1. Disarmed missile with a paper clip

1.2. Matches, string & rifle made timed diversion

1.3. Smashed flare-launcher barrel used as rocket thruster

1.4. Lit cigarette with hidden laser

1.5. Used Cigerette smoke to see laser

1.6. Mirror from binoculars reflected laser to 'sting' itself

1.7. Raised fallen I-beam with knotted fire hose filled with water

1.8. Tested heat on door with a stick (it caught fire)

1.9. Pulled wires out of control panel and joined together to start fans in gas chamber.

1.10. Milk chocolate bars stopped sulfuric acid leak

1.11. Sodium metal & cold capsule made explosive

1.12. Signaled status by blinking light system in Morse code

2. 002 Golden Triangle

2.1. Used tire wrench to pop open trunk

2.2. Inflatable raft pulls string on Signal flare to create explosion

2.3. Log hanging on ropes swings down to knock solders out of jeep/

2.4. Alcohol & fire ash in bamboo pipes made tear gas

2.5. Branch laying across road connected to string which pulls triggers on guns

2.6. (when branch is moved) to shoot tires of jeep.

2.7. Giant Bambo "flute" is connected to jeeps exhaust to blow TearGas out.

2.8. Attached winch rope to Helicopter to "wind in" the chopper

3. 003 Thief of Budapest

3.1. Light bulbs between 2 boards faked tire blow-out

3.2. Salt, sugar, weed killer makes explosive.

3.3. Undid steering wheel & snapped off key of tractor so it couldn't be stopped

3.4. Tied razer wire to back of troctor to stop guards

3.5. Unknown powder thrown in air ignites with match for distraction.

3.6. Magnifying glass using hairpin & white wine

3.7. Messed up traffic signal with slices of credit card

3.8. Taped radio to police walkie talkie to mess up communications

3.9. stuck above radio on bunch of helium balloons to get it higher up

4. 004 The Gauntlet

4.1. Used SAK to push the key out of lock on the other side of door

4.2. Used map slid under door to catch above key as it fell out of lock

4.3. Used map as pea shooter

4.4. Wraped map around iron bar as weapon.

4.5. Slid down sand dune on map

4.6. Used map & duct tape to patch hole in hot air balloon

4.7. Wrapped camera strap with plastic clips around electric fence wire to prevent electrocution

4.8. Used camera timer to set off plastique explosive

4.9. Made car drive itself with a belt

4.10. Set up Firecrackers, candle and duct tape on church bell as a noisy distraction

4.11. Hooked cable wire on bad-guys jeep axle to stop jeep.

4.12. Used real vision mirror of bus taped to the drivers seat and Kate's compact mirror to make periscope.

4.13. Overheated old jeep engine with oil on it to create smoke screen

5. 005 The Heist

5.1. Disabled camera to trick staff into opening door

5.2. Wired fuse box lights to alarm clock hands

5.3. Rerouted laser beam with tube, limbo'd under it

5.4. Faked musical notes with wine-filled crystal goblets to open lock

5.5. Piece of glass lamp funneled diamonds down drainpipe

5.6. Parachuted out a plane in a car

6. 006 Trumbo's World

6.1. Used knife on a string to hook a towel

6.2. Moved shower pipe on fire, "hot water"

6.3. Used log lifted door out.

6.4. Lit Kerosene soaked rope so bad guys wouldn't follow

6.5. Used twisted rope to lift canoe off of native woman

6.6. Jumper cable, generator, two half-dollars made arc welder

6.7. Turned hose, metal pipe, gasoline into flame thrower

6.8. Nitrate, cellulose, acid = nitro manite explosive

6.9. Melted garden hose spread on netto make ant-repellent suit

7. 007 Last Stand

7.1. Used bike bars, rust and flare to make a Thirmite torch to burn through armoured door

7.2. Cotton wool, engine starter fluid and fertilizer used to make bomb

7.3. Light bulb melted ice cubes to break door lock

7.4. Created a diversion with model airplane

7.5. Used end of meat hook as a screwdriver

8. 008 Hellfire

8.1. Used gum foil to "by-pass" blown fuse

8.2. Used old springs,boards and sand on back of truck to safely transport unstable dynamite

8.3. Fixed truck with pen spring

8.4. Used old jeep,old fridge and pipes to devise mechanisms for delivering nitro into well

9. 009 The Prodigal

9.1. Hot-wired car with paper clip

9.2. Used SAK to pick trunk lock

9.3. Loosened lug nuts of bad guys car.

9.4. Used string to turn on saw.

9.5. Soda, fizzies, dry ice simulated smoke

9.6. Distracted bad guys with buzzsaw, vacuum, sawdust, and wood chips

9.7. Used string and rod to trip bad guys on stairs

9.8. Used SAK again to pick door lock

9.9. Rod & electrical cord used as harpoon.

9.10. Made harpoon gun out of telescope, camphor balls, fluid, and cloth

10. 010 Target MacGyver

10.1. Used SAK to pick door lock

10.2. Tray with pots and pans sitting on bag of melting ice made distraction

10.3. Tipped cooking oil over kitchen floor to make bad guys slip over

10.4. Used garden hose to trip bad guys

10.5. Reeds under wood to "fake" breathing

10.6. Made blowdart, using reeds & anesthetic-type plant

10.7. Pine cones & pine pitch as "land mines"

10.8. Used "loco weed" as anesthetic

10.9. Grain dust down a funnel, exploded when lit

10.10. Harry used pine nuts as "blasting caps"

10.11. Saw half way through roof support so it could be knocked out