Free Grace Web Site IA

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Free Grace Web Site IA by Mind Map: Free Grace Web Site IA

1. Someday/Maybe

1.1. Learn

1.1.1. Evangelism

1.1.2. Free Grace University Something like this

1.1.3. Membership Class

1.1.4. Reformed Theology 101

1.2. Associate Pastor

1.3. Locations

1.4. Aubrey Ministry

1.5. Special Needs Ministries

1.6. Prison Ministries

1.7. Refuge & Immigrant Outreach Team

1.8. Assimilation Team

1.9. Technology Team

1.10. Job Seekers

1.11. Podcast

1.12. Watch

1.12.1. Sermon videos On demand

1.12.2. Online Service Live

1.13. Hangouts for everyone!

1.13.1. site

1.13.2. site

1.14. Multi-Campus brunch!

1.14.1. Schedule brunches that bumper periodic worship services

1.14.2. Say we have 12 church plants. Each plant worships with another plant or two, together with the Lewiston folks, at our main facility.

1.15. Assimilation Team

1.15.1. Church Community Builder PDF

1.15.2. 7 Laws of Visitor Assimilation

1.16. Serving Singles

2. Jake's New Idea

2.1. Global Wrapper

2.1.1. Header Left Logo Top right Sunday Service: 10am 160 Canal St. Lewiston Phone Number E-mail address Bottom right Come, ye weary, heavy laden, bruised and broken by the fall If you tarry ’til you‘re better, you will never come at all

2.1.2. Global Main Nav Sermons What We Believe On Sunday Staff & Elders News & Events More Our Vision Join our Mailing List Giving Jordan's Bridge Christian Counseling Articles Past newsletters

2.1.3. Right Column or sidebar Latest sermon in player Link to detail page Upcoming Events Search Box Social Icons

2.1.4. Footer Broken people tagline PCA ID Address, phone, e-mail Donate button

2.2. Home Page

2.2.1. Slide Show of images

3. Current Information Architecture

3.1. Header

3.1.1. Logo Home page

3.1.2. Broken people...

3.1.3. Sunday Service: 10am

3.1.4. Street Address Phone E-mail Address

3.1.5. "Quick Links" Navigation Menu Sermons Articles Directions

3.1.6. Utility Navigation Search box Icons Facebook E-mail RSS Feed

3.2. Right Sidebar

3.2.1. Gatherings Featured events

3.2.2. Announcements

3.3. Left Sidebar

3.3.1. Welcome to Free Grace! Home page

3.3.2. About Us Our Beliefs Our Vision Our Officers and Staff

3.3.3. Sunday's

3.3.4. News Gathering Newsletters Join our mailing list

3.3.5. Resources Links Articles Sermons

3.3.6. Giving

3.3.7. Jordan's Bridge Christian Counseling

3.3.8. Donate button

3.4. Footer

3.4.1. Recent Articles Featured Articles Image Blurb

3.4.2. PCA Affliation

3.4.3. Copyright notice

3.4.4. Site designer

4. Bill's Proposed IA

4.1. Global Wrapper

4.1.1. Header Main Nav Home About Us Sundays Sermons Grow & Serve Events

4.1.2. Footer Utility Nav Search box Social Icons Give Online Contact Us

4.2. Home Page

4.2.1. Note Keep it very simple One should be able to get a good sense for who we are with a quick scan down this page I would avoid featuring content. Rather, use the home page to cast our vision. One can drill down and find specific content if it's organized logically No