Sourcing Strategies

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Sourcing Strategies by Mind Map: Sourcing Strategies

1. Objectives

1.1. Reduce the number of candidates interviewed

1.2. Produce a thorough understanding of both the applicant's skills and the internal company requirements

1.3. Deliver hired employee on time

2. Outlets

2.1. Campus

2.2. Private employment agencies/consultants

2.3. Public employment agencies

2.4. Professional Associations

2.5. Data Banks

2.6. Casual Applicants

2.7. Similar Organizations/Poaching

2.8. Trade Union

2.9. Job Portals

2.10. Internal employee references

2.11. Recruiter networking

3. Needs

3.1. What type of skills does the position require?

3.2. Temp or Perm hire?

3.3. What is the appropriate education level?