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Onboarding process by Mind Map: Onboarding process
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Onboarding process


New employees feel welcome

Understanding the big picture and how they fit into it

Onbaording should be fun, but also educational and allowing new employees to "hit the ground running"

Gather feedback and continually improve the process

Foster employee pride in the company

Post hire/Pre start

Confirm 1st working day

Inform new employee what they should bring with them on their 1st day

Online data collection/forms

New Employee Welcome Portal?

What do employees need to know?

Company Culture

Built in short, social and/or team building exercises.


Who would best suit this new employee


Supervisors %

HR %

Co-workers %

First Day

Employee Initial Impressions

Policies and Procedures

Desk and workspace preparation


90 days?

180 days?

365 days?

Landmarks and Goals

1st Day

1st Week

1st Month

90 Days



Productivity output

Individual contribution

Team contribution


From Supervisor

From HR

From Co-workers?


1st month

3rd month

9th month

annual review


Rush the onboarding process

"Make it up as we go along"

Bore new hires to death

engage them!

Thrown new employees into the fire/sink or swim.