The Hero's Trail

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The Hero's Trail by Mind Map: The Hero's Trail

1. Esther

1.1. Esther found pot to kill Jews

1.2. Went to talk to the king

1.3. King stopped pot and she saved her people

2. Be a Hero

2.1. Don't need power

2.2. Help people when needed

2.3. Any one could be hero and every one need hero

3. Wilma Rudolph

3.1. Wilma is girl with twisted weak leg

3.2. She can't walk and tried and did it

3.3. She became fastest girl runner

4. Satchmo

4.1. Satchmo play trumpet

4.2. Firing pistol in street

4.3. Got arrested and learn more music

5. Carl Boney and Michael Etowski

5.1. Carl and Michael 14 ride bus

5.2. The bus driver passed out

5.3. They went to steer the bus to saftly

6. Derek Loman

6.1. Derek is in High School

6.2. Old man got attack

6.3. Derek carry man to safty

7. Ruben Ortega

7.1. Ruben is in High School

7.2. Ruben protect classmate

7.3. Classmate is glad

8. Sheherazade

8.1. Sheherazade is Arabian

8.2. Sister marry beheaded king

8.3. Sheherazade swapped herself with sister