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Eagles by Mind Map: Eagles

1. Challenges

1.1. poaching: might cause extinction

1.2. lead poisoning from geese

1.3. electrocution: might cause death

2. Characteristics

2.1. steal from each other

2.2. clean feathers in lakes; be careful not to drown

2.3. female eagle bigger than a male eagle

3. Adaptations

3.1. sharp talons: tear meat

3.2. sharp beak: help feed young

3.3. eyes: see prey far away

4. Nests

4.1. four kinds: Disk, Inverted Cone, Bowl, Cylindrical

4.2. are made from sticks; are high up

4.3. eagle use same nest every year

5. The Types of Eagles

5.1. bald eagle: animal of our country

5.2. golden eagle: lives aroung northern hemisphere

5.3. bateleur eagle: eats snakes

5.4. harpy eagle: snake-eater lives in South America

6. Eyes

6.1. eagles can blink with a nicitating membrane; slides down every 3-4 seconds

6.2. eagles= 20/15 eyesight

6.3. eyes so big, have to turn whole head aroung to see

7. How an Eagle gets its Prey

7.1. sits on branch to observe prey

7.2. decision to kill or not; too many chances, might cause of weakness

7.3. gravity helps eagle catch prey

8. Eaglets

8.1. elder eaglet would kill the younger eaglet for food

8.2. eaglets have their first flight in 9 weeks after birth

8.3. eaglets more mature; no contact with parents