Screencasts for Learnin'

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Screencasts for Learnin' by Mind Map: Screencasts for Learnin'

1. Pro Tips

1.1. Having a rough plan before you begin will save you time in the long run

1.2. For complex videos, consider narrating video after recording

1.3. Good sound is just as important as good video - set up your environment accordingly

1.4. ...

1.5. Save your Camtasia project as soon as you start

1.6. Insert edpuzzle to check students understanding

1.7. Keep the screencast short not more than 10 mins. This will help the students to focus.

2. Clarifying instructions - e.g. software demos

3. walkthru demos for new software usage

4. Kids create short screen casts with their iPads

4.1. demonstrate their learning

4.2. teach one another

5. Explain steps for creating websites for portfolios

6. Recording a narrated presentation

7. Students explain thought process in creation of something

7.1. Potentially short production time, just real time thinking and showing

8. walkthru for video files, with commentary and questions

9. narrated markscheme of an essay or report

10. student presentation/explanation of results

11. teacher does tricky examples of solving problems