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Buddhism by Mind Map: Buddhism
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Fully enlightened one Individual enlightened one Noble one


Theory (Pariyatti)

Tipitaka, The Teaching of the Buddha, Discipline (Vinaya), Monastic rules, 1. Disciplines, 2. Senses control, 3. Livelihood, 4. Life neccesities, Layman's rules, Five precepts, Eight precepts, Discourses (Sutta), High teaching (Abhidhamma), 1. Mind (Cita), 2. Mental factors (Cetasika), 3. Materiality (Rupa), 4. Uncondition (Nibbana)

Practice (Patipatti)

Generosity (Dana), The Eight fold path, Morality (Sila), 1. Right Speech, 2. Right Action, 3. Right Vocation, Bhavana, Meditation (Samadhi), 4. Right Effort, 5. Right Mindfulness, 6. Right Concentration, Wisdom (Panna), 7. Right Understanding, 8. Right Thought

Result (Pativedha)

The Path, Fruition, Liberation (Nibbana)


Noble Sangha

1. Sotapana

2. Sakadagami

3. Anagami

4. Arahat

Conventional Sangha

1. Neophyte Monk

2. Middle Monk

3. Elder Monk

4. Senior Monk