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furoshiki by Mind Map: furoshiki

1. barriers to use

1.1. initial cost

1.1.1. rebate?

1.1.2. rental

1.1.3. re cost if I loose it Hal has been hauling groceries in the same canvas bag for 15 years! though I've also lost/abandoned 4 others and just have my favorite. anecdotal my friends into cool bags seem to loose replace their bags 3 times a year.

1.2. need to remember to bring it

1.2.1. have to carry it around

1.2.2. forget it

1.2.3. keep it in car have to take it back out to car

1.3. have to be vigilant to get cash wrap to use it rather than giving new bags

1.3.1. baggers like familiar bags for speed

1.3.2. standard plastic bags fit on "loaders"

1.3.3. hard plastics easier to load but bigger to carry

1.4. need to keep it clean

1.4.1. cloth easy to wash

1.4.2. plastics (re-usable) easy to wipe down

1.5. Is the bag high end enough to use for clothes/electronics etc.

1.6. planed Re-use

1.6.1. dog poop $.035 green alternatives http://www.ecoanimal.com/poopbags.html

1.6.2. as trash bags

2. incentives for use

2.1. ergonomics

2.1.1. strap to sling over arm or backpack

2.1.2. padded or wood handles

2.1.3. built to stand up when put down

2.1.4. built to keep contents (food) from tipping

2.1.5. several bags in one hand?

2.1.6. with wheels

2.2. enviromentalism

2.3. fashion

2.3.1. geek hip http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive/2006/11/how_to_use_furo.html http://lifehacker.com/software/environment/wrap-and-carry-items-with-a-furoshiki-220449.php http://www.craftzine.com/blog/archive/2007/03/fashionincubator_contest_redes.html?CMP=OTC-5JF307375954

2.3.2. chic hip famous brand? (e.g. DKNY) plastic bags are rather dull custom saying (like t-shirts) popular bags chicobags (sold @ food coops) EZ bag (sold @ whole foods) Riesenthel (sold @ container store) http://reusablebags.com/ search for "totes" for stylish varieties

2.3.3. environmentalism is cool

2.3.4. medium to high end clothing using cloth bags now are we a culture of consumers who will never say no: and always take another cloth bag? do high end shoppers use bring your own cloth bags

2.4. economics

2.4.1. long term environmental cost?

2.4.2. rebate for use, or charge for plastic use common to charge for bags in Ireland and England (others?) like a coupon or saver card produces loyalty marketing

2.4.3. integrate club card discounts into bags Bar code or RFID swipe track how many plastic bags you saved track how much $ you saved from bag discounts Extra few Cents discount per use until bag cost paid off

2.5. quotes from friends

2.5.1. I can’t think of any barrier to using reusable bags. They are incredibly light, compact, sturdy and easily washable in the washing machine.

2.5.2. They actually look good – because green is the only acceptable fashion at this point.

2.5.3. They come in a whole range of fancy colors, and can be folded into tiny pouches, with can fit in even the smallest of pocketbooks.

2.6. Ireland PlasTax

2.6.1. $.15 per plastic bag consumer tax

3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Furoshiki

4. cost

4.1. cost of paper or plastic

4.1.1. purchase cost plastic T sack $20-$30 per 1000 craft paper $18 - 40 per 500 http://www.uline.com/Browse_Listing_5504.asp?desc=Grocery+Merchandise+Bags

4.1.2. enviromental cost

4.1.3. cost per use (rare in USA) $.02

4.2. cost of reusable bag

4.2.1. purchase cost $7 - $40 http://www.reusablebags.com/store/shopping-bags-c-2.html $9 http://www.notamall.com/Store/product.php?productid=99&cat=18&page=1 $5 http://chicobag.com/ prices fallen to $1.50 - $2 at many locations, branded bags in particular whole foods

4.2.2. refund for use? $.02 most common as high as $.10 at whole foods

5. Materials

5.1. Attributes

5.1.1. Washable

5.1.2. Waterproof

5.1.3. Lightweight

5.1.4. Highly compressible

5.1.5. Distinctive Design(s) and Color(s) cool fasionabl easy to identify as mine by me by my friends by strangers if I put in a contact info

5.1.6. Dirt-repellent

5.1.7. Breathable

5.2. Types

5.2.1. Gore-Tex

5.2.2. modern polyester blends

5.2.3. microfibers

5.2.4. Suppliers http://www.fashiondex.com/silver/fabric/hit0.php

5.2.5. recycled materials (whole foods bags from plastic bottles) Extra green?